Hackley Bay

The air was fresh with a wind coming in from the sea. It was just before 7am and yet the sun had risen almost three hours earlier. There were gaps between the clouds. The sun was not low, but it cast a golden hazy colour across the land. It felt warm. It was warm out of the wind. I was glad I had my jacket.

The clouds broke up more as I got to Hackley Bay. I had never been here before. It was empty. The sea crashed on the sands. The birds hovered above, screeching. The wind was blowing in my ears. It was noisy, but it was peaceful.

My mind had switched off the noise. The land, the sea, the cliffs. Everything before me was all that I could see.

I was grateful.







Setting off on a new path is better than not having started on any path in the first placeSCOTTGWD


From time to time, we all need to escape. Get away from the realities of the world. Even if for 5 minutes.

Fantasy, day-dreaming, imagination, entertainment, exercise. We all have our own way to escape.

How do you escape?